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  • 30 euro


  • Online
  • complete a 1-hour assignment every day
  • A live online ZOOM session between 20:00 – 21:00 hrs (Amsterdam time zone)

This is your situation:

  • You have the feeling you plateaued in your career, it feels like your professional life is going nowhere. 
  • You lost faith in landing a job in the Netherlands and are reconsidering your options. You know you have to start from scratch and want to see where it takes you. 
  • You feel ready for the next step, you want to lean in and feel ready to manage yourself up. 

You know this can’t go on – you want to take charge over your own journey 


this is the event to join

During this week, you will focus on the things you can do to take charge over your own career again. Get yourself in the action mode – that’s what this week is all about. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you:

  • Know how you could tweak your current job and be happy at work again?
  • Know what you have and want to give in your career – create a meaningful and fulfilling job for which you are grateful?
  • get rid of the feeling of having reached the ceiling?
  • knew what your biggest strengths are and how to use them so you can work with ease and joy.

take the next step today

 During this week, you will: 

  • be guided to start creating a job and work you love
  • receive 5 movies and 5 worksheets.
  • receive an email each morning with an assignment to work on in your own time and at your own pace. 
  • receive a 5 step programme you can use over and over again to develop yourself further
  • 5 live sessions at 20:00 pm Dutch time zone – including the possibility to ask your questions.
  • you will be part of the Design Your Career community. A community of like-minded people who all have the desire to design their own careers.
  • be guided by a career coach who is dedicated to help and stimulate you to move forward and take back charge over your own career path again.

I did enjoy all of the assignments, some were more difficult than the others- but that is the beauty of it- you need to create something structured,  out of the 1000 thoughts and wishes you have in your head. I like we were supported by the worksheets and the videos with examples. 

My plans are much clearer now- this is not only short terms goals but also long terms goals. Step by step, I know what I would like to achieve in the next few years, and where are the gaps, and how to close them out. And finally having it on a piece of paper allows me to look back on the career design, every time I need it. 


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Your career coach

Marielle Obels

“I had this feeling of going nowhere several times in my professional life.  At first, I thought changing jobs was the best way to overcome this. A new job would get me motivated again. Only to find out this wasn’t the case. I ended up in the same situation over and over again. Until I realized: It’s not the job that has to change, it is me.  I had to dig a bit deeper to make a real change. 

By reflecting on what I love to do most and what I was good at I got back my confidence and realized I good take back charge over my own career again. I knew what I had to do and how I could stay happy at work. And this is what I want for you as well.” 

And I know you can do it too!

During this we will work on:

  • Getting insights into the things you love to do most and why this is the case.
  • Move from insights to ideas on how to get started with making actual change.
  • You will work on your own and have the possibility to collaborate with others in the same situation.
  • You will create time to focus on the things you WANT to do. 
  • You will gain insights into how you can develop habits that will prevent you from ending up in the same situation again. 
  • You will set yourself up to move from thinking mode to action mode.

After this Design Your Career Week I have more clarity on how I can tackle my professional life and how I can build a better structure of the actions to be taken to reach my goals.

For me the set-up worked very well, it was clear what the objective of the daily theme was and the examples were very helpful. I could adapt them to my own situation. Being able to have a daily conversation with you in a small group was also crucial to understand each step better and to make some points clear. I’ve appreciated every given tip.

Great configuration of the program on 5 steps/days! It was a motivating way to take a step forward day by day and to see that I indeed can design my career and plan a path in a way that suits me.

I would definitely recommend this program.


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