During my morning workout, I was listening to the Happier podcast of Gretchen Ruben. She is the writer of the book The Happiness Project. Personall and I really love books that bring on positive vibes. Gretchen shared some awesome tips about how to design your summer in the podcast which inspired me to write this blog.

Summer is usually a time for loads of new adventures and we all know this summer will be a different. Especially if you wish to travel, there are some limitations to deal with. In this blog, I’ll share some awesome tips on how to create adventures and fulfilling summer. If you don’t want time to pass by on you, now is the time to design it yourself.

Design your summer Tip 1 –

Pick up a project that unfolds over days and weeks

Think about all the things that are on your wish list: courses you wish to do, creative stuff you wish to pick up, the endless list of books you still want to read, creating photobooks of all your holidays, the jigsaw puzzles you wish to complete or perhaps you want to make this a Marie Kondo Summer. Now is the time to start going with all this.

In between the small trips or outings you can and probably will take, something to focus on will help time to pass by quicker. And I think it is wonderful to have the design of your summer conversation together with your family. You might be surprised how your kids, wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend wants to spend his/her summer.

Design your summer Tip 2 –

Make it a season of sacrifice

If you can’t get out of it, get into it”. Acceptance is difficult for people, but if you feel disappointed you had to let go of loads of your plans, that this summer is a “lost summer” for you, acceptance can be the key to have a wonderful summer. Just taking the summer the way it unfolds and enjoy it at the same time, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Design your summer Tip 3 –

Combine your job search with meeting friends and fun

Usually, in the summertime, the job search process changes. There will be fewer vacancies available to apply to. Now might be the time to prepare yourself for a successful job search in September. Since preparation is key in your job search – you can take the summer to prepare yourself. You could organize a bbq and gather great tips from your friends on your qualities and competencies, have them review your CV or cover letter. Often your friends will tell your blind spots; the things that you are good at, but are not visible to you anymore. Awesome input for your LinkedIn profile, your resume and job interviews. Because this also is the answer to one of the most asked questions (What would your friends tell me about you?).

Following me means you probably know that I believe it is possible to shape things the way you want them, also in your professional life. I truly believe it is possible to design your career. No matter if you wish to manage yourself up, find a new challenge or empower yourself further. If you wish to have an inspiring conversation on this topic, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with me. You can do it here.

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