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Date & Time

  • Monday, July 5, 
    09:00 – 16:30 hrs –
    Amsterdam Time Zone


  • 75,- euro incl. VAT
  • Price is per person


  • If COVID lets us this will be an in-person event
  • Otherwise, it will be an online event via ZOOM

All YOU need to secure your job offer

Learn how recruiters and hiring managers perceive the job interview and practise your job interview skills to perfection

Is this you?

  • You have your first job interviews in the Netherlands coming up and want to know how to bring your message across the table.
  • You wonder how to answer the most asked questions. Is there a “right way” to answer these questions?
  • You have been to a few job interviews but never made it to the final stages of the hiring process and wonder: “What am I doing wrong?
  • Nerves keep you from building rapport and connection during the interview.
  • You feel either under or over-prepared for the job interview and wonder what great preparation consists of.
  • You noticed the job interview approach in the Netherlands is different from what you are used to and want to learn how to align with the expectations of the hiring manager and recruiter.

If you recognize yourself in one of these statements, this is your event to join

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Your speaker

Marielle Obels

Hi, I am Mariëlle Obels, Licensed Career Coach and experiential expert on every aspect of the job searching and hiring process, on both ends of the table.

As a candidate, I remember once walking into a (small) job interview room to find out the interviewing committee consisted of five persons. Something they didn’t mention beforehand. It freaked me out but I got myself together and made it to final interview rounds and landed the job.

During this training, I want to support you to feel comfortable and confident to convey your message and answering the questions asked and land a job offer.


A full day of practical job interview training PLUS access to the online Interview Preparation Course. This day offers loads of room for practice, you will receive tips from an expert and the possibility to tap into a network or other job seekers struggling with the same things.

During this event, I want to offer you the opportunity to learn and reflect on your own job interview skills for further improvement. I want to support you in shaping your story, practice with some of the most asked questions while making use of the most used job interview techniques. Everything to get you ready to land an amazing job offer.



  • if you are looking for some more insights and explanation of the most commonly used job interview techniques in the Netherlands 
  • if you want the opportunity to immediately practise with these techniques plus the questions you struggle with.
  • if you want to practise by mock interviewing.
  • if you want to be at the other side of the table – the recruiters’ side of the table – for once.
  • if you want to receive tips and tricks for further improvement from your fellow job seekers and me as your expert
  • if it has been a while since you were in an interview and want to get back in the game
  • if you are looking for strategies on how to answer the most asked questions including the salary question.


  • Practise, practise and loads of more practise, especially with the questions you struggle with
  • Framing your story and message and tell it with confidence
  • The way others perceive you and how you can influence this
  • Body language and how this influences the job interview process
  • Every aspect of great job interview preparation
  • What recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in candidates.


The finishing touches to perfection

  • Access to the online learning environment with the Job Interview Course (value 97 euro)
  • Preparation exercise to kick starts this event.
  • Downloadable Pdf file with the most asked questions
  • Downloadable pdf file with an explanation of the STARR Method – currently the most used job interview technique (although it is outdated and old fashion if you ask me 😉).
  • Actual phrases you can use to answer the salary and other most asked questions.
  • The full virtual interviewing checklist.
  • Techniques to deal with the nerves.
  • The start of a new network (priceless)


I guarantee you this course will set you up to approach your next job interview with confidence and trust. It will help you to improve your performance and support you to make it to the final interview stage, and finally, land a job offer, perhaps even multiple.

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