Things to keep after lockdown


Are your back from maintenance mode again? While the restrictions loosen, I wondered about the things this lockdown period brought me. With the opportunity to go out more and also being able to travel a bit more, we are all defining our path on how to deal with it. Some of us feel ready to jump back into normal life again while others still feel they are very careful. Let me share a few things I wish to keep after this lockdown period.


No more surface acting


With everyone working from home we all of sudden got a peek into the personal situation of colleagues. Or we met friends in a different way. There was no room for surface acting anymore, there was no way you could keep things a secret. The attention for the relationship became important and this is something I wish to keep.


Boss your own time


While being in lockdown we had much more room boss our own time. No more colleagues interrupting your lunch hours, hanging around your desk or unexpected informal meetings that have to take place right now and that mess with your daily schedule.


You decide when it is time to have lunch, walk the dog or play with the kids. You decide when it is time to do the things that need to be done and when private life begins. I imagine this is something you wish to keep after going back into the office in September.


Create your momentum


What I noticed is that the lockdown made me super productive. Lockdown created the room I needed in my mind to be productive and bring my desired plans to life. To make the decisions needed to prepare me for a bright future. Fewer distractions, more attention to the things that had to be done. Work on creating my momentum.


For this, I use the 5 steps belonging to the Design your Career method I designed. For me, they work like magic over and over again. They help me to stay focused and tuned to what I want out of life and out of my career. I will be sharing those 5 steps and how you can use them during the Design your Career Week, starting on Monday, July 6. I would love it if you would join me. Find out all about this event here


Other things to keep after lockdown


Family time, warm-hearted connections with friends, the feeling of being in this together, healthy habits. And there is so much we add to this list. What are the things you wish to keep after lockdown?


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