Lesson 1 – Job Search Preparation

This lesson is all about preparing you for your job search. It contains a preparation exercise, video lessons, and a checklist. You can use the checklist afterwards to find out what your next steps can be.

Preparation for Lesson 1

To prepare yourself for this first lesson I want you to prepare your introduction. An introduction you would also use for a job interview.  To practice with this, you could write your preparation down on a piece of paper. We will use this introduction in lesson 1 and lesson 4.

In today’s lesson you will find out what an introduction should contain, but to give you a heads up:

  • An introduction should tell me something about you, about your skills and why you are here today.

Have fun writing your introduction and see you during the first class.

Extra resources to prepare yourself for a successful job search

LinkedIn is a powerful resource, not only for networking purposes. Every year they supply information about emerging jobs and industries, even on a country level. You can find the reports with jobs on the rise in 2021 over here. LinkedIn also supplies powerful resources for applicants, like interview guides and industry insights. A great place to start your research. But, be aware, the way interviews are conducted and resume are written varies per country and continent. Some information supplied on the internet and also LinkedIn focuses on the U.S. or U.K. market. This makes it important to also search for local resources to learn about the common practices used in the country you reside or want to work in.