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Landing a job in the Netherlands starts here.  Find all you need for a successful job search and to get hired. Are you working on your career comeback or do you want to make a career shift? I have designed a special programme for you. Press read more to find out all about these 2 programmes.


Starting your own business in the Netherlands start here.
Find out all you need to know about starting a business and learn how to bring your awesome ideas to practice in a sustainable and profitable way.


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Together we will work on the 5 steps that will help you to take charge of your career and shape it the way you want it.

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During my integration period in the Netherlands, I was lucky to meet Marielle. Her warm wisdom and profound experience helped me to find myself on the right career path. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions which were the source of the most valuable and practical advice about the job searching process in the Netherlands. 

Marielle really cared and listened to me, bringing to the surface my talents and strengths of which I wasn't even aware of. Marielle is an expert of a highly professional level and she is exactly the career advisor you need!

Iryna (33), Job searching (and got hired).

Marielle’s coaching is exactly what I needed. Someone very kind and approachable who listened to my story and struggles, but who also straight away gave me practical tools and confidence to take action in order to make a switch in my professional life. She is a caring listener, who often triggered me to think deeper about the path I would choose, as well as its different aspects. She boosted my confidence, and she showed me how to use my uniqueness as an advantage in the job market. Marielle was always available and present throughout my process, and I always got out of our meetings very motivated and full of practical ideas I could do to move forward. I’m very grateful for her coaching, her involvement, and the resulting new career in front of me. I’ll be sure to seek her guidance again if I ever need help in my professional life!

Audrey (26), Career Changer

Marielle is not just a career coach, but one who looked further, and also “forced me” to look beyond the superficial. By using the "Business Model You"-method, she concentrated on my inner self. My motivations, my strengths, and weaknesses

Mirjam (35), Career Changer

Marielle did a great job in helping me fine-tune my interview skills: working on my elevator pitch, structure my achievements and pinpoint the most important steps in my career. After our session, I felt very well prepared and … what can I say, I got the job!

When I was invited to the second round of job interviews for my dream job in the Netherlands, I wanted to present myself in the best possible way – as anybody in this situation would want. As an HR Professional myself who attended numerous interviews from the other side, I am aware that it’s often the small things that make the difference between getting hired and getting rejected.
I am very thankful to Marielle and can recommend her interview services for anybody who wants to improve their interview skills.

Iris (35), Interview preparation

Hi, I’m Marielle,

your career coach to help you to

  • get hired in the Netherlands 
  • make a sustainable career come back or career shift
  • start your own business in the Netherlands

You want to take matters into your hands and feel in control when it comes to your career or starting your own business. 

This requires that you know yourself. It requires you to know how you use your strengths to achieve your full potential professionally. It’s not easy to find out all that on your own, let alone, present yourself showing all your potential. Let me help you to learn what is right for you, whether the purpose is to find a job, make a career change or start your own business in the Netherlands.

Schedule a free call today and find out how we can collaborate together.  I look forward to getting to know you. 


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