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Are you struggling to make your job search successful?

Let me help you to receive job offers instead of rejections

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This video series is exactly made for you!

  • This 3-part video series will turn your perspective on your job search around – you will start thinking and acting like a pro
  • It will prepare you for what is coming at you, stop you from making beginners mistakes and prepares you for the expectations on the employers’ end
  • This video series will help you nail this, and get what you are after, a job offer on the table (but hey, we are aiming for multiple ones, of course)
  • BONUS: job searching isn’t the most fun thing to do, this is why I added a bonus video on how to stay motivated to keep going and do the things that need to be done to get where you wish to be.

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These videos were excellent preparation for my job search in the Netherlands. They contain so much value, no fluff. It helped me to define my next steps and it help me to kick ass and get to work!

It was exactly like you said, applying the things mentioned helped me to turn my perspective around and helped me to boost the outcomes of my applications.


These videos finally made me understand what I was doing wrong. I was demotivated by the outcomes of my job search. Watching them made me realise I had to take another approach to make this work in the Netherlands.

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