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Job searching isn’t the most fun thing to do. I’ve never met someone who actually likes being in a job search. You want to keep your job search as short as possible and maximize your results as much as you can. Am I Right? This is exactly why I set up the Career Connection Academy: To support you to land a job quick and easy.


You don’t want to apply. Applying is time-consuming. It is a lonely and frustrating journey. What you want is to get noticed. You want to be asked to apply or to be asked to join a company. This is exactly what I want to support you with. All you need to secure a job offer can be found in the Career Connection Academy. 


The Career Connection Academy is a one-stop solution. Following the steps of the Career Connection Academy will ensure YOU attract the attention of employers for opportunities matching your qualifications. Within the Academy you will find:

  • A variety of courses about all Job Search Essentials like Resume Building, LinkedIn Profiling, Writing a cover letter that attracts, Setting up a Successful Job Search Strategy, Interview preparation, Salary and Contract negotiations and more
  • Ready-for-use templates, loads of text examples for writing cover letters and resumes focused on getting a job interview invite
  • Tips on how to grow and build your network
  • Information and tips about the interview process, with actual phrases you can use during your next job interview to answer difficult questions
  • Everything to support you every step of the way, from beginning to the end.

The best thing about all of this?

Every month we will release new resources and inform you about new trends and job market insights. 

Marielle Obels wandelt door straat


Hi, I am Mariëlle

Throughout my career, I was at every end of the table. While working in HR, I hired and fired people, I got fired and I got hired. I know what a job search is like, personally and professionally. What I discovered is this:

A job search often creates uncertainty for loads of reasons. Because you do not know what is expected of you in the process. Because you don’t know how to present yourself or because you don’t know where and how to find the right jobs. Or you feel completely lost, disappointed and have no idea what to do next since no results came in.

But let me tell you this:

A successful job search has nothing to do with the number of applications or beat the ATS system.
Job searching is about creating your momentum. Creating your momentum to get hired.

Implement the right job search strategy and take the right steps along the way, is what will attract the attention of hiring managers, recruiters and your new colleagues. Doing this is what shortened my job search. It made my job search easier and much more fun. Btw, this is also the feedback from my clients.

What I missed during my job search is someone standing by my side every step of the way. Someone to support me throughout the whole process for an affordable price. This is exactly why I created the Career Connection Community.


Memberships will be launched on July 1st.
Sign up now for the waitlist and be one of the founding members.
We will contact you as soon as possible to inform you about the next step.


€ 59,- for 6 months

Sorry, no possibility to pay monthly

This what the membership contains

  • A variety of Job Search Courses, e-books, blogs en movies
  • Resume & Cover Letter templates including text examples
  • 10% discount on events and courses
  • Every month new content on job search subjects and trends in applying
  • Access to the Closed Academy Community


  • The online course about the first months in your new job
  • The online course about how to stay motivated during your job search


€ 139,- for 6 months

or pay 25,00 per month

This what the membership contains

  • The DIY membership parts,


  • 20% discount on events and courses
  • 1-on-1 private message coaching (2 messages per month)
  • 1 resume, cover letter OR  LinkedIn review session
  • A bi-weekly Q&A session


    € 425,- for 6 months

    or pay 75,00 per month

    This what the membership contains

    • The PRO membership parts


    • 1-on-1 private message coaching (unlimited)
    • A resume, cover letter and LinkedIn review session
    • A bi-weekly Q&A session
    • Monthly 30-minute coaching calls
    • Free Access to monthly Masterclasses on Job Search Topics

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      Sign up now for the wait list.
      We will contact you as soon as possible
      to inform you about the next step.


      Want to know more?

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      1. Can I get private coaching with the D.I.Y. level?
        No – the D.I.Y. level is a content only membership. You would need to upgrade to Pro or Ultimate to receive private coaching. You can email us at for more information on how to upgrade/downgrade.
      2. Can I get my resume, cover letter & LinkedIn reviewed?
        Our Pro and Ultimate levels offer resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile reviews. Our D.I.Y. membership level DOES NOT offer reviews.
      3. Can I cancel at any time?
        You can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no cancellation fees.
      4. Is there an annual membership option?
        Currently, we are only offering a 6 months membership.
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