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Also in 2023, it is possible again: receive 1,000 euros for this amazing (language) course you want to sign up for. February 28, doors will open for the first time this year to receive the STAP Budget. In 2023, the Dutch government will release 170 million euros divided into 5 application periods and if you want to make use of this budget, do check if you are eligible for it over here. Please, do also check the UWV website for the 5 application periods

The budget was very popular in 2022 and ‘sold out’ pretty quickly after a new application period started. It meant sitting behind the laptop on the first date of a new application period to file for your application immediately and keep your fingers crossed your application went through in one try. The expectation is it won’t be any different this year.

What Happened

Since 2022 the Dutch government wants to stimulate continuous learning by offering this subsidy. Everyone who has ties to the Dutch labor market or social security system can make use of it for a range of studies and courses.

 The downside of this subsidy:

  • Those who don’t have Dutch nationality or the nationality of another EU country or don’t have a (registered) partner with Dutch nationality or don’t have the nationality of another EU country cannot apply
  • The course or studies you wish to follow has to be registered in the ‘schooling register’- you can check it here.
  • The training institute is registered in this ‘schooling register’.
  • You have not yet received this subsidy this year.

Please bear in mind you have to start the studies or course you sign up for within 3 months after it is approved. You won’t receive the subsidy, the institute will receive the funding.

 Bart de Pau, a popular Dutch language teacher active on Youtube, made a movie about this topic last year with a full explanation of the process. You can watch it here. Bear in mind that some minor things changed for this year, the UWV website contains the most recent information (since they supply and handle this subsidy). 

 So let’s talk about who can apply.

My clients notice that it is difficult to fill the skills GAP between their current knowledge and what is desired by employers. Following free online courses often doesn’t fill this GAP. Don’t hesitate to schedule your introductory call today to find out more about how I can support you fill this GAP.

Who can apply?

This is what is stated on the government’s website: “The Stap Budget is meant for all employees and job seekers who want to improve their chances in the labour market. You are eligible for this budget if:

  • you can demonstrate ties with the Dutch labour market, and
  • you cannot apply for other forms of financing for education, such as student finance

You can apply if:

  • you have not applied for the STAP Budget in the current calendar year
  • you are over 18 years of age
  • you do not receive an old age pension (AOW)
  • you or your (registered) partner have Dutch nationality or the nationality of another EU country
  • you are covered by social security

All conditions are listed in UWV’s STAP portal. You can check if you are eligible with the Dutch-language pre-check

What This Means For You

If you fit the criteria it means you can improve your Dutch or English language skills or you have the opportunity to fill the knowledge GAP you might have to access the Dutch labour market now. The only thing you want to know is what you wish to use the subsidy for and check if you can sign up for the course using this subsidy. The good thing is; Also courses in English are available.   

This also needs that you know what employers are looking for on resumes and what skills are desired currently and in the longer run. Please don’t hesitate to connect with me if you have difficulties finding out what these desired skills and knowledge are.

What You Can Do Now

Well, if you check the ‘schooling register’ and you fit all criteria, make sure to sit behind the laptop on February 28 or one of the upcoming application periods to file for the subsidy and get going. Now is your time.  

What else can you do? 

I notice loads of people follow loads of courses and online courses to brush up on their skills and knowledge but tend to forget what employers are looking for (and what they already own). They feel following courses on Coursera or other digital platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Hubspot and so on, is added value to their resume. And even if this is the case, the main question is: Does your employer or future employer feel the same? Often it isn’t. Doing your research is important to make sure you don’t invest in the wrong things.

 Again, don’t hesitate to reach out to me to talk to me to discuss your career questions and how I can support you in your career journey. Use the scheduler below to schedule your call.

Hope to speak soon!  


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